Saturday, June 21, 2014

Twenty-one and counting!

Twenty-one cards are complete and only 40 more to go!

Here is week three of Index Card A Day:

ICAD # 15: Fortune
Mostly collage with some neocolor.

ICAD # 16: Listen
Torn book page, modeling paste, neocolor, printed photograph.

Cats Pajamas
ICAD # 17: Cats Pajamas
Neocolor, washi tape, stickers.

ICAD #18: Bloom
I always put a blank sheet of some type of paper below whatever project I'm working on.
The background for this one is one of those "excess" sheets.
Modeling paste, brush markers, stamped word.

ICAD # 19: Play
Another "excess" sheet, security envelope, markers, micron pen.

At The Window

ICAD # 20: At The Window
Mostly collage with some brush markers.

Purple Tree

ICAD # 21: Purple Tree
This one has a story.
There is nothing unusual about purple trees if you live in a little cottage in an
enchanted forest! 
Neocolor background, "excess" for house, brush markers, collage elements, stamping.

Thus end week three!

Wishing YOU well and much joy.


Fran Traina said...

Your cards are just lovely!!

Norma Ruttan said...

I love the sweet image for 'listen'. and I especially like words used as part of paintings and collages. I guess I haven't visited lately so what are ICADs? and what are neocolors? don't you wonder how the phrase 'cat's pajamas' started?

Lynne said...

I am fascinated by the ICAD . . . Art . . . so far I haven't leaped . . .
I need to make the first step,

Vee said...

There is something about each one that is so intriguing...they are all wonderful works of art in themselves. It would be a shame to pack them away. How will you display them?

Willow said...

I always love enchanted forrest too :)

Pat - Arkansas said...

fantastic! I like them all.