Monday, November 25, 2013

It's Monday!

It's Monday.

What are you reading?

Old Tin Sorrows (Garrett P.I., #4)Old Tin Sorrows by Glen Cook
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I noticed Glen Cook had published a new Garrett, P. I. novel. I went to my bookcase and looked to see if I had kept any of the Garrett novels of the past and could I figure out where I left off. OLD TIN SORROWS was the oldest that I found, published in 1995 when paperback books were $3.95 a copy. Remember those days?! I started to read OLD TIN SORROWS and didn't remember the story, so I continued reading. What a fun ride. It was everything I remembered about the Garrett novels. Great one liners. Fun characters (elves and all sorts of critters). Garrett is hired by his old marine sarge, Blake Peters. Peters has retired from the marines and is now working for the "old man", General Stratnor. Peters believes someone is poisoning the General and he hires Garrett to found out the truth. What's the saying -- the truth will set you free -- nothing stranger than the truth ... you get the drift. Garrett moves into the Stratnor mansion where he finds one surprise after another and Garrett thought he had seen it all. Morley comes to help (Garrett's elf friend who owns a bar and who is always after Garrett to eat better). I found a few more Garrett novels that I'll be reading in order to catch up to the new one. I'll be laughing all the way. Fun fantasy, mystery.

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Anonymous said...

The "olden days" when paperbooks were less than $5! It's wonderful to find a book you've read so long ago that you don't remember it and then enjoy it immensely! I'm reading Tim Conway's autobiography right now -- as funny as he is (and come to think of it, there are probably elves and other creatures in his book too! lol!)

Ruth Kelly said...

I haven't read any of those stories so thanks for the heads up. Will see if my library has some.

Vee said...

Sounds intriguing!

Corrine at said...

You always find the most interesting books....Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving. xox