Thursday, July 4, 2013


Happy 4th of July!

4th of July
ICAD #34 made with junk mail 


Wishing YOU well and much joy.


eileeninmd said...

Happy 4th of July to you!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

You made that ICAD out of junk mail? Wow, you get some classy junk mail, LOL! Enjoy the holiday!

Lois Evensen said...

Happy Fourth of July!

Mary said...

Happy Independence Day Snap! LOVE your patriotic collage made with with junk mail~ green AND red, white & blue! :)

~✽Mumsy✽~ said...

Beautiful collage! Happy 4th of July!

Cheri Wildcatwoods said...

Happy 4th!

Carolina Mountains

Deborah said...

Happy 4th of July, indeed!


Janet said...

Happy 4th to you, too! Enjoy your day.

Your junk mail ICAD looks great and very patriotic. Love it!

Irene said...

Happy 4th.