Friday, December 14, 2012

This and That

Here's a little James Taylor for you to enjoy while you read!


How do you feel about Christmas cards?

I love them!

Christmas Cards

I like hand addressing the envelope,
writing a short message on the inside of the card.
I put a short Christmas letter together for those I don't see often during the year.

Emails are nice, but I miss the personal touch.
I love receiving Christmas cards.
I get excited about figuring out the postman's timings! 
What gorgeous card, what beautiful message will I find in my post today?
It's like receiving a smile in the mail.

The simplest things in life are often the most magical.
What joy that simple Christmas card can bring!


Speaking of beautiful cards.
Here is a reproduction of a vintage postcard.

Looks like they are off for a day of fun.
Delivering packages, decorating a tree, walking in the snow
and all with a furry friend.

Christmas Postcard

Thank you to Beth for hosting Postcard Friendship Friday each week.


I love snowmen.


I love Christmas cactus.
They look happy together!


I found a crochet group that meets twice a month
at my favorite breakfast spot in my Village.
They are a fun group of ladies and they sure know their hooks!
The last two meetings, I've been taking my Santa mug rug/coaster/hot pads.
Finally, they are finished.
I made a whole bunch of them using my stash yarn.
Jingle, Jingle and Ho-Ho-Ho!

Santa Mug Rugs


A  couple of holiday links for you today:

The first one is from a dear friend, Karen Harvey Cox.
Karen has made an advent calendar for all of us with her beautiful art.

I love the VW bug with the tree on top!

Your holiday photos are probably already taken, 
but here are a few suggestions from the Focusing On Life Group


Wishing YOU well, much joy and a fun filled weekend.


Okay kitties. We still have some more decorating to do. 
Everyone hop to it!
Leave the Christmas Cactus alone, please!
Nap time is later!


Deb said...

I agree,Snap. I love the Christmas card exchange. I look forward to the mail arriving, too. My daughter said the same last night. "It's nice to have some 'happy' mail" was her quote. Your card is so gorgeous and sits at the top of my card holder. I love it. Thanks again. Cute coasters. Hugs, Deb

Minerva Black the shoppe keeping cat said...

Love those Santas! How clever of you. I agree, receiving a card is so much nicer than an email. And I find joy writing and sending them too. Christmas and the end of the year seem the perfect time to say thank you to all those who have brightened your life during the year. Love the vintage card, the dog is quite fox like. Have a wonderful holiday season! Minerva x

Sherry said...

What a fun filled post Snap! I love me some sweet baby James! xo

I'm with you on Christmas cards...I love to receive them and I love to write them, for all the reasons you stated. Sadly, so many people have stopped sending them, preferring to use email...but while the wishes are still as sincere, it's not the same as opening an envelope and sharing the card with the others in the house and having something joyful to look at throughout the season. As long as my hand can write and it's legible (!), I'll be sending out cards. One of my little traditions that I don't ever want to give up.

I'm so glad you've found this group to crochet with -- combining your talents even if you are working on individual projects is a group joy -- chatter, tea, something to nibble on and hooking (lol!) -- what could be better?

Have a happy week my friend! xo

Debra She Who Seeks said...

What a spectacular Christmas cactus!

Ruth Kelly said...

Yep, that is on my list - doing my Christmas cards.

Beth Niquette said...

What a lovely collection. The postcard especially caught my fancy. Thank you so much for sharing these lovely Christmas postcards.

Merry Christmas and Happy PFF!

VioletSky said...

Those Santa coasters are adorable!
I also write Christmas cards and have been anxiously awaiting for some to fall through my mail slot - so far, none :(
thank goodness for Postcrossing, but it is not the same as seeing the familiar handwriting of an old friend.

Janet said...

Wow...what a beautiful Christmas cactus! And I like your Santa mug rug/coaster/hot pads.

lostforwords101 said...

I've never seen a Christmas cactus before. Thanks so much for sharing! :)

Mary said...

Snap~ I love the sweet vintage post card and your Santa mug coasters are adorable! What holiday cheer they will bring to their happy recipients! Thanks for the holiday cheer and joy-filled post :)

High Heeled Life said...

Snap, I'm with you on handwritten Christmas cards (or letters and cards anytime of the year). In a world that seems to be moving at the speed of light, taking a few moments to put pen to paper is a gift that money cannot buy ~ not only for the recipient but the sender.

Adorable snowman... Hugs to you and Merry Christmas.

Karen Harvey Cox said...

You are such a sweetheart to include a link to my Advent Calendar. I love your Christmas cards, and the one you sent to me is displayed on my bakers rack decorated for Christmas.

Your lovely Santas look so lovely, my mother always loved Christmas cactus.

Wishing you and your family the most beautiful Christmas.


P.S. your words of encouragement and inspiration have fed my spirit throughout the year. You are so special and an inspiration to me.