Friday, October 19, 2012

It's Postcard Day!

I wanted to share a couple of postcards with you before my day gets swamped!

I love this postcard from Shanghai of the old mailboxes on Yuyuan Lane.
My good friend is in China studying on a Fulbright and she sends me a postcard every now and then.
The photograph is by Yin Ying.

The stamps are lovely.

One more postcard to celebrate Halloween.
This is a reproduction of a vintage Halloween postcard
from the Halloween Postcard Book published by Darling & Company, Seattle.

Happy Halloween

There is no artist or publisher listed on the back of the postcard, 
but on the bottom of the card it reads
Painting Copyright by -- and then I can't make out the rest --

Thank you to the lovely Beth for hosting Postcard Friendship Friday each week.

Wishing you well and a fun filled weekend!


Lois Evensen said...

How cool. I remember the days (long) before digital cameras when we would buy a post card in a town we were visiting to keep a picture of the place we had visited. :)

9teen87 said...

Great Halloween postcard! They are now so expensive, I don't have very many, but I sure love to see other peoples cards and enjoy them :D

lostforwords101 said...

Wow!! I never had a mailbox and I'm thinking of constructing my own, I'll paint it red, similar to that one on the left on your China postcard :)

Pondside said...

The mailboxes make the prettiest picture - the sort of thing I love to see when I travel - sometimes more interesting than the important monuments.
The hallowe'en postcard is too sweet!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Two great postcards!

VioletSky said...

those black cats look playful!
I love the mailboxes - the mail carrier will know you by your mailbox style!

Corrine at said...

Great mailbox shot, love these and the stamps are pretty cool too. xox

Janet said...

LOVE the mailboxes and the stamps! And the black cats on the postcard are so cute.

Sherry said...

That card from Shanghai is so colourful and the stamps are exquisite!

Mary said...

Snap~ What gorgeous stamps and I adore the vintage Halloween one with the black cats! This time of year especially I'm wishing my sweet black kitty was still around to photograph :)

Phil said...

A good picture of the mail boxes. How does anyone know which to use I think but then I guess if you lived there it would be common knowledge.

Deborah Swain said...

I love the Chinese bird stamps! Thanks for dropping by...!

Karen and Gerard said...

Those bird stamps are cute and love the Halloween postcard from 1908! That is really gorgeous! What a treasure!