Friday, August 26, 2011

This and That

It's time for a little This and That.

One of the churches in the neighborhood has a Sticks and Hook group.
This knit and crochet group would like to make 400 scarves to distribute
to the homeless during the holidays.
I thought that was something I could help with and hit my stash.

There are no rules for the scarf -- just that it be 6 ft in length.
They didn't care about pattern or what kind of yarn.
Here are my first three ... one skein of Homespun in each scarf.
Each is a little different in pattern -- to keep me from getting bored!

Knit Scarf

I think this one is my favorite.


A girl can't live by scarves alone, so I took a little break and am
making 14 of these.
Fourteen before I can go on with the pattern.
Hmmmmm ... what is it going to be?!

(A big thank you to Mr. Brown for being the model. He is my grandson's
lovey when he visits.)


I am sure at least one of these is in my future!
Who knew there were so many Amineko fans on Flickr?!!!


Color Pencil Sketch Robin

I wanted to share with you my very FIRST color pencil sketch.
Mr. Robin at the bird bath in Musashi's Garden.

A little story.
Mr. Dragon always bought a teddy bear for me --
on my birthday, our anniversary (we had two).
On February 1st this year, he looked at me and said he was
sorry he didin't have a bear for me on our 30th anniversary.
To be sure, when it was all over, to get a bear.
I promised him I would ... a very special bear.

I'd like you to meet Holland.
He arrived yesterday.
He is the perfect -- very special bear.

Holland came from Ginger.
She is a wonderful bear artist and has a delightful blog.

Wishing YOU well and a wonderful weekend.
To my friends on the East Coast ... hunker down and please be careful.
Hurricanes are no fun. 
I know. 


ginger@bearbits said...

Hi Snap,

You have a lot of talents from knitting and crocheting to drawing. It's a great feeling to be able to use your abilities to help someone else. I was enjoying your pencil sketch and then saw a familiar face. What a nice thing for a little bit of me to be a part of - a belated Happy Birthday to you and I hope that Holland will be a good companion for you. It seems as if he will have good company and visitors too!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Mr. Brown and Holland are indeed cute bears, but those crochet amineko cats are sooooo adorable!

Sherry Smyth said...

The one thing that is always consistent with you Snap is "love" - you give it (by your dedication to making scarves, beautiful warm scarves for the homeless) and by the wonderful life you lived with Mr. Dragon. That he would remember above all else to be sorry that he wouldn't be able to buy you a bear for your 30th anniversary -- and told you to be sure you got one. Yes, I'm choked up. Holland is beautiful and dare I say, I see a little of Mr. Dragon in his eyes. The little bell will be a reminder of his love and yours when it tinkles. ♥

Pondside said...

Such a pretty bear - he looks at once strong and snugly. Great scarves, you mad knitter, you!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Snap, So glad to see your Robin sketch.. That is awesome!!!!

Nice project --making those scarves. Church groups do the nicest things for others... God Bless them.

So glad you got your little bear. I know that he'll be so special to you FOREVER.

Carol at Serendipity said...

Sounds like you are making some lovely scarves! The days go by a little faster and easier when there is a project to work on. Your sketch is wonderful, the cats are amazing and the bear is perfect.

Have a wonderful weekend.