Friday, July 15, 2011

Up, Up and Away!

It's Friday and that means Postcard and Haiku day!

I have two postcards for you.
Another from the Memento Box.


The back of the postcard reads:
Experiment, 2000, oil on board, 36" x 24"
c 2004, Inez Storer, from Mementos, 30 Postcards, 
published by Chronicle Books.

And the second postcard from the 
Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
(my old home town).

International Balloon Fiesta

The back of the card reads:
"The launch field is the site of the Balloon Fiesta's mass ascension
when hundreds of balloons at a time go up in  waves. Actual
flight times for balloons average one to two hours, but the
entire ballooning experience -- including pre-flight preparations,
flight, and post-flight celebration -- may take three hours."

And, lastly, a photo from my memories.
October 1981, the first year we crewed for a balloon in the Fiesta.
I'm the photographer, recording for history something every balloon pilot 
and crew dream about ... landing the balloon in the chase vehicle!!!!!!!!
Mr. Dragon is the one in the back on the right with the big smile.
I miss him. 

Balloon Fiesta

up, up and away
memories of other days
love gone to the stars


A big thank you to our hostesses:

Wishing YOU well and a joy filled weekend.


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

I know I would like to fly away today. What hair from the 70's!!! Of course you miss him. You will always miss him, some days are easier than others though. What lovely colours those balloons are. We have a balloon festival near us in the summer and a few years ago we saw them aloft on our way to a fair. Never forget it!

rebecca said...

you have no idea the memories you stir with this last photograph. seriously, you landed the balloon in the chase vehicle??? well done!

my parents crewed for years for many a pilot. i am not sure they managed this feat! (prescott, az.)

love gone to the stars...

pierces my heart.

thank you for this...

Pondside said...

I love to look at the photos of the balloon festivals! Such memories you have - and love gone to stars.......too, too beautiful. Sending you hugs.

Spadoman said...

THIS is for you, for bringing us this lovely post today.

Much Peace sent your way.

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

A loving way to miss him Snap. He is there in your heart and what happy memories to view. The stars are shining with his love. xox Corrine

Funoldhag said...

Super postcards and post! And Spadoman left a wonderful song in his comment. I think everyone just loves baloons! A couple went over my house one summer evening a couple of years ago and I got some good shots of it. Could hear the distinctive noise they made and knew that's what it was. I send you my very best! Carol

Kim Mailhot said...

What beautiful memories and love you have shared here today, Snap. I know it reaches to the stars and back !

Dawn Elliott said...

This reminded me of the time my husband and I went hot air ballooning in Sedona, AZ - what fun! Great postcards and very cool haiku today!

somepinkflowers said...

such perfection
for this up up and away day!

hot*air balloons
blossoming like mushrooms
after a colorful rain...


i wait for you
to come
and tell me one thing Now...

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Snap, Did you ever RIDE in one of those balloons? I always wanted to do that --but never have. We always attended the balloon festivals when I lived in Texas. SO much fun --especially when they started offering night ballooning... Awesome!!!!

Have a good weekend.

gemma said...

We have balloon races here in Az. too. Love to follow them and watch them fire up. Magical.

Leslie said...

You have touched my heart with your beautiful postcards of memories, and your poignant haiku...

Marit said...

Such a beautiful photo's and a striking haiku... memories, oh bittersweet memories...

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

I must say your balloon postcard is wonderful, and I do love watching them - from the ground. I think it would take a lot to persuade me to go up in one.

viridian said...

Like your poem very much. thinking of you. the balloons are great!

Meri said...

hiss of gas burner
lifts basket skyward with us
summer enchantment

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Very rich and meaningful post, even for me, who has never been in a balloon. What a nice way to remember your friend.

Noelle Renee said...

Beautiful cards. My sister lives in New Mexico and we have been to that balloon festival. Such fun. Love all the cards!

Mikko Tyllinen said...

Very beautiful!!

Cezar and Léia said...

Bonjour dear friend,
Beautiful postcards, your post is full of great and happy energies!
Léia and little Luna

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

What a beautiful set of wonderful postcard.

My Postcard Friendship Friday

Stephanie said...

what beautiful memories you have, I thank you for sharing them with us.

Sreisaat said...

Great postcards and love the memories attached. The balloons on the second postcard look like colourful marbles.

Have a great weekend.

Postcards Crossing

Kjelle Bus said...

Hi there !
Found my way to your blog through Lovely Luna in Luxemburg :)
My mom just LOVE the postcards with all the colorful ballons.
Most be an amazing sight to see !!!
Mom also love your photo from -81 and your Haiku :)

Carole said...

I swore I had commented on this already. Just goes to show....

Love the postcard, and the photos. We went to the balloon festival here in Oregon a long time back. It was a 'crack of dawn' experience, but well worth it. I'd like to go again some day.

Riding in a balloon must be such fun, though I'm not sure I could do it these days. The height would scare me. lol

Wonderful memories. *hug*

Sherry Smyth said...

this made me tear up Snap. I know you miss Mr. Dragon and it's when you look at a photo of happy times, so many memories are stirred. My heart is hugging you. xo

Nanka said...

That was interesting and looked like much fun and excitement!! The pictures are marvelous!!