Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Thought Shopping Season Was Over

But the catalogs are still arriving!

Since I haven't done a "join me while my fingers do the walking through the catalogs"
post in a long time,
I thought I'd do one for this weekend.
Enjoy the window shopping!

I'm a big Star Wars fan (especially the first three).
Yoda pancakes would be fun!
This is from Williams-Sonoma Winter 2011.

It's the bright white sale at Crate and Barrel.
The bright colors of the pillows (above and below) would certainly
take the blah out of winter.

The rug is fun, too.

I thought the Max dinnerware at Crate and Barrel was great.
I liked that you can mix the patterned stoneware with the solid Delilah porcelain plates.

It was the Pottery Barn catalog that had me salivating.
I could show each and every page,
but I'm going to stick with the pillows.

These are called Cafe pillow covers. 
They are designed after antique curiosity engravings. 
Each reverses to a light shade of the same fabric (rugged linen/cotton).
I love the butterflies and there is also a bird and a flower.
They are going on my wish list!

Do you know about the Isabella catalog?
They say they have gifts for reawakening the spirit.
I keep looking at Lovey the Lavender Lamb.

Lovey has a lavender/flaxseed insert that is removable. 
Pop Lovey into the microwave for 30 seconds 
and then snuggle with him releasing the fragrance of lavender. 
Sounds good to me.

How about a sleeping pig from Isabella?
Isn't he cute?

There is wonderful story that goes with him:

"When the pig was domesticated in China, owning one was considered to be an indication of a common man's prosperity and good fortune. If you were lucky enough to have a pig, you simply took very good care of it, and that meant it slept in the home. Quite simply, if you were wealthy enough to have a pig living in your house, life was pretty secure and happy. In fact, the Chinese symbol for "home" is a combination of the symbol for "pig" with the symbol for "roof" over it. (If there is a pig under the roof, it is a home of happiness, a "home sweet home.")"

The tradition continues with porcelain sleeping pigs placed in homes 
to bring happiness and good fortune.

I hope you enjoyed letting my fingers do the walking through the catalogs!


We have family visiting on and off the next several weeks.
My posting may be on and off, too.
I'll try to stop by and wave!

Wishing all of you well and a JOY filled weekend!


Pondside said...

Now that was the perfect after-Christmas shopping trip.....I didn't have to leave my kitchen and it didn't cost a cent!

Terry said...

Howdy Snap
I really liked this post .
I did not know about the sweet little pig being a blessing of Happiness . I had such great fun being introduced to new customs ,and new catalogs to drool over too !
Oh my you are such a delightful hostess Snap :)
Thank you for sharing and have a really great time with the visitors coming your way.
Until next time
Happy Trails

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time checking out all of the catalogs.... All of the bright colors in the pillows and in the china really can perk me up on a cold winter's day...

Enjoy your family.

Janet said...

I like Isabella catalog....and that sleeping pig is great!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wishing you the blessings of family time and love over the next few weeks. I know they will hold you and Mr. Dragon close.

And now, I'm off to explore the Isabella website! Never heard of that catalogue before but I suspect it will soon be a fave!

Barb said...

Now I want those butterfly pillows, too! I've stopped all my catalogues, but a gal can (and should) dream. Enjoy your company, Snap. I have family here for the weekend, too.

Lisa West said...

Oh how I love the colors of those pillows. Being in Maine, things are pretty brown right now. I loved reading about the pig, thanks for sharing. Lisa

dosfishes said...

Yes, the catalogs keep coming...I shall have to look at Isabella, don't know that one. Sometimes it's just too much even when you tell them not to send. Fun pics, that sleeping pig is precious. xox Corrine

Tracy said...

Well, I have to admit that sleeping pig was a cutie, as well as the Lavender! but I'm afraid my spending is over for awhile.

fun post...

Pat - Arkansas said...

Ah, Snap! I see that you and I have similar tastes. Your catalog finds are right up my alley. Love the pillows; love the piggy! Thanks for the interesting tidbit re: pigs in China. Enjoy the family visit. XO