Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wabash Antiques And Feed Store

Wednesday is our day to do errands and just play around in Houston. We call Wednesday our adventure day. It is our no computer day. (Try that one on for size!)

The Wabash Antiques and Feed Store: Bees Buzzing, Pigs Flying, Spring is Here! YeeHaw! We've driven by the Wabash many times on our way to and from the parking for the Bayou City Art Festival that is held in Memorial Park in the spring. We decided our adventure for last Wednesday would be to stop and visit the Wabash.

This had to be a very quick picture as cars were coming and going the entire time we were there. Folks knew what they wanted (everything from pet food to fertilizer to plant seeds to animals), got it, got back in their cars and off they went. The Wabash had lots to pick from including chicks, hens, roosters and kittens. Oh, the kittens. Mr. Dragon just shook his head. I knew he was thinking three fur babies are enough!

They did have *flying* pigs ... made of scrap metal.
They had lots of scrap animals.

A very large chicken of scrap metal.

Beautiful swans-
They really didn't want their pictures taken.
One would bob and the other weave as the photos were taken!
Perhaps it was a game for them.
Let's drive this woman nuts!

Amongst the pots and other outdoor accessories we found
the fish, crab and behind the fish is a scrap metal swan in the water.

The herbs were an herb gardeners dream!
They also had fruit and citrus trees just for our area.

We haven't decided what our adventure will be for tomorrow.

Think you know all there is to know about where you live?
Try an adventure day and find out!


Janet said...

What a fun day! That looks like a place with a little bit of everything....just the kind of store I like.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

So true - we are rarely tourists in our own cities. What an odd combination - antiques and animal feed. There must be a connection there. Only in Texas, eh?!

Lissa said...

There seems like there is so much to do and see where you live! I so love the fish!

Maria-Thérèse said...

YeeeHaaaw! Never in my life have I been to a swan selling place.

I tagged you! If you wanna play along :)