Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mail Art Surprise!

Look at the surprise I found in my mailbox the other day. MAIL ART! It's from one of my favorite people - Sharon at All Norahs Art. I danced around the living room ooooohing and ahhhhhing. I think Mr. Dragon thought I had finally "lost it". It was several days before I could bring myself to open the package. I worked very carefully so that I wouldn't mess up the mail art.

Look what I found inside. Napkins! Sharon's blog site was one of the first I listed in my favorite links (before the list got out of hand). Her tutorial on using napkins is wonderful and if you haven't seen it you should! Sharon is an inspiration to so many. I'm just thrilled with my surprise package. Napkins are wonderful (and I promise to put them to good use), but the real treasure -- look carefully -- some of Sharon's sisters. Oh, my! I think I'll go dance around the living room again! Thank you, Sharon (and Norah).

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