Saturday, August 16, 2008

Seattle, Part 2

Seattle has a wonderful new sculpture garden called the Olympic Sculpture Park. It opened last year. We walked the park last year and didn't get a chance to visit again this year. We did drive by several times and this is one of my favorite sculptures. You can visit the park by going to the Seattle Art Museum web site.

This is the view from in front of the Seattle Asian Art Museum. I love this picture taken of the space needle through this large sculpture. The Asian Art Museum is in Volunteer Park and was the original art museum building.

This is the front of the Seattle Asian Art Museum and if you squint you can see me walking down the stairs just left of center. This was our first stop during this trip. Family members played in the park while I "worked". I try to check out museums and their Asian Art collections for the Asian curatorial staff I work with. SAAM had a Korean contemporary art exhibition and some other Asian contemporary art that I was especially interested in. Now, I just have to write up my notes!

We stay at a hotel on the Seattle waterfront and this picture of the sailboat and ferry was taken from our room. We try to be good family guests and keep everyone on their regular schedules as much as possible. We also think everyone needs "personal" time. While THE grandson naps, we get the "adult" play in. By the end of the stay, we are napping when THE grandson naps.

We watched the cruise ships dock and reload Friday, Saturday and Sunday -- a total of 9 each weekend. Amazing to watch the people unload and then new passengers come aboard. We watched the trucks pull up to deliver all the food and various goods that the new cruise will need. It looked like a well choreographed dance -- trucks, people -- full flats of goods going on, empty flats coming off. The Argosy is a small ship that gives harbor, jazz and lock cruises. Both ships are on their way out of port.

This is one of THE grandson's favorite things to do -- take the ferry over to Bainbridge Island. This is a picture from the ferry on the return trip to Seattle.

I still have a few more pictures to share. Look for Seattle, Part 3!

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