Friday, November 17, 2017

What I Found On My Morning Walk!

I thought I'd take you along with me on my morning walk.

On My Morning Walk

Morning Walk

Morning Walk



It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The world good certainly use a little more Hope and Love.

Rice Village

Wishing YOU well and much joy! 

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Thursday, November 9, 2017

It's The Month To Give Thanks

November is the month we give thanks.

Today I'm going to give thanks for the new restaurant just across the street!

Once, a restaurant named FRED'S was located in the space.
FRED'S was in this location long before we moved into our house.
It was a neighborhood hang out.
They served Italian food.
Then Fred died, his family took over for awhile,
but ended up selling to folks who
 didn't pay their rent and the space went empty.

They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.




The interior is very different from the past.
Light and Bright.

So far, I've only been there for breakfast and 
the Eggs Benedict are yummy!

eggs benedict

I met a friend for breakfast and she tried the Avocado Toast.
Another vote for YUMMY!

avocado toast

Eclair Paris

Then there are the pastries!
Oh, my! 

Tarts and Eclairs




I have tried the Chocolate Croissant and the apricot tart.

Eclair Paris collage

I'm going to have to watch how many times I visit ECLAIR.
Too many times and I might not be able to fit through the door!

I've also noticed that the employees are recognizing me.
They are telling me what their favorite menu items are.

Wishing YOU well and much joy!

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

11th Annual Tea Cup and Mug Exchange

Today is the big reveal for the 
Over 200 participated from all around the world.
Many thanks, love and hugs,
 to the wonderful, lovely Stephanie
at the Enchanting Rose for her hard work putting this exchange together.

I participated in the Mug and Tea Cup Exchange.
It's so much fun shopping for someone else.
Let's face it --- shopping is fun!!!!
"Meeting" new tea lovers, making new friends.

Tea Cup Exchange

My teacup box of goodies is from Sherry Vlcek.
Sherry lives in New York and is a quilter.
She doesn't have a blog.
I love my quilted scissor holder.
Around my neck it goes -- I'll always be able to find the scissor!
Pin cushion, too!
The strip to hold the iron cord is very clever.

The teacup has a lovely, delicate flower pattern.
Two of my favorite Bigelow teas: Green Tea Jasmine and Pomegranate.

Tea Cup Exchange

Sherry is allergic to cats, but her husband is a cat lover.
He went out and found the mouse cat nip toys.
My kitties love them!

The Good Humor Kids Say the Funniest Things is delightful.
She also sent Elizabeth George's One Minute Inspirations for Women.

Cute tea stationery!


Teacup Exchange

My Mug box of goodies is from Ida Krause.

I love Owls and Ida went Owl shopping!
She also filled my box with cherries.
I don't know how she knew I love cherries, too!

Mug Exchange

The owl mug is perfect for fall.
The Berry Sangria candle was wonderful -- all gone!

Mug Exchange

When I was just starting my tea drinking experience as a very young woman,
I started with Constant Comment and Celestial Seasonings tea.
Black Cherry Berry is one I hadn't tried and it is great!

Mug Exchange

All the Owls together.

My thanks to Sherry and Ida for my boxes of goodies.
What fun it was to open them.
I giggled, ooooed and awed all the way!

Thanks again to Stephanie.

Wishing YOU well and much joy!