Monday, February 3, 2014

Mug of The Month

When I posted about my new Emma Bridgewater mug,
I realized that I use a different mug each month for tea.
Thus - Mug of The Month!

For February,
here is another Emma mug:
Big Love.
Perfect for Valentine's Day.

Mug love

How about a little sugar cookie?

Big Love

The tea is a simple black tea with honey.

Love Mug

Big Love is sitting on my newly crocheted heart hot pads.

I'm joining some tea parties today:

Wishing you well, much joy and a lovely cup of tea!


  1. Cute mug, and I love the little heart plate!

  2. Love the mug and the cookies look yummy!

  3. "Mug of the Month" -- what a great idea!

  4. It all looks perfectly "love"ly!

  5. Your mug is fabulous for Valentine's and I adore your pink heart mat!

  6. I love this sweet mug! I need to pull out my 'February' mug.

  7. I like your mug, and those cookies look delish!

  8. Such a nice February MUG and cute crocheted hearts.

  9. What a fun post Snap. Did you see where Emma Bridgewater was Ruth's grandmother. Ruth is at the Antiques and Teacups blog.

  10. How cute is that mug, Snap??!! It's perfect for a big cuppa tea. xo

  11. Love that mug and the setting you created around it. Big Love all around. xox

  12. Hi Snap,

    Your Valentine's Day mug is so sweet and adorable! I can see love is in the air at your home. Happy Tea Day!

  13. Big Love is the perfect mug for this month Snap, and that's a good idea using one a month. I need to do something like that with my teacups to give them all a turn.

  14. Cute Valentine mug! Love the hot pad and cookies look so good!

  15. Hello, Snap,
    It is fun to use a different mug each month! I like it!

  16. Great mug! Perfect for February tea. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  17. What a great February mug! The shape is really nice, and the message the best!
    Big love!

  18. Hi Snap,
    The pink iced cookies look just delicious and I would love to have one. I like your new crocheted pink hot pads too. Thanks for visiting me and leaving such kind words! Have a wonderful week.

  19. Hi Snap,
    I am late visiting this week as I just got my computer back this afternoon. Your Big Love mug is perfect for February. Thank you for sharing it with us.


  20. Hi Snap,
    that mug is perfect for Valentine. How sweet must the tea taste in this mug. Beautiful vignette with the hotpads, the yummy cookies and the flowers. Love it! Thank your for sharing and for your sweet comment on my blog. So sorry that I came so seldom to comment.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  21. Big love mug and little sugar cookies...looks perfect!

  22. What is it about sugar cookies that make them one of the best cookies for nibbling as you sip tea or coffee ? They are also one of the few things I am able to eat when I am not feeling well.

    Your mug is like having a small pot of tea in a cup, no need to get out of your chair to pour more. And it is a bright and cheerful mug.


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